Are you an artist or writer with an important project that you aren’t making time or space for? I’m in the process of interviewing my tribe (writers and artists) to help me provide the most inspiring and motivating support for them to get their most important works out in to the world. If this is you and you would love to receive a free creative coaching session in return for giving a confidential interview with me, please read on!
  • Do you have a creative project that feels important and close to your heart, but that you can’t find the time / motivation / headspace to start / continue / complete?
  • Is it upsetting and frustrating that you aren’t getting to it because it has deep meaning and purpose for you? (This feeling might surface regularly, or it might be something that’s been in the background for years).
  • Do you love the idea of sensitive, compassionate support and guidance to help you feel empowered, motivated and excited about finally finishing this project and getting it out into the world? (In what ever small or big way feels right for you)
If you’d be happy for me to interview you, simply click on the button below to visit my online diary and book a time for your interview. I am so looking forward to speaking to you!
Saskia x