Answering the Call of Your Artist Heart

A 6-Month Journey into Discovering Your Deeply Authentic Creative Confidence

Hello and welcome to a place where your creative longings will be seen, validated and supported.

It’s time to finally believe in yourself and your creative projects.
It’s time to stop finding excuses and give yourself …

Full Permission

to become your fearless, fully expressed, love-filled self, and to invest time, energy and money in your creative dreams.


Joyful Transition

from the years of ‘doing’ in service to others, to the wiser years of ‘being’ effortlessly authentic, empowered and inspired.


Fierce Courage

to be to kind and generous with yourself, so you can put love out into the world from a place of surplus rather than depletion.


Deep Trust

that your true, vulnerable, creative self is important and that your art is essential, both for your happiness and the happiness of others.


We Are Love

As creators we are full of love. Love for our families and friends. Love for our natural world. Love for beauty and art in its many forms. The one thing that we don’t lavish enough love on is ourselves. And yet, in order to truly fulfil our mission as creators of art we need to be operating from a place of abundance, not from a place of depletion and restriction. It’s time to finally believe in yourself and give yourself permission to fully become the artist you were born to be.

This Potent Time of Life

The second half of a woman’s life has the potential to be either the most empowering or the most frustrating time of her life. The journey through and beyond menopause is both liberating and challenging. We are changing from beings of service to beings of truth; our truth. The ability to deny ourselves our creative longings, our hearts’ desires, our need for rest and recuperation, becomes untenable without risking the very essence of who we are. The fire of The Change burns away our capacity to bend and mould ourselves to the needs of others, leaving us naked and vulnerable, often not knowing how to help ourselves to feel confident, focused and purposeful as we move into and through this unsettling phase of life.

The Wise, Powerfully Feminine Creative Woman

What does it mean to be powerfully feminine in the second half of life? It’s no longer about the trappings of femininity, as dictated by society. It’s about something deeper, wilder, more intuitive. We have been through so much by now – the love, the loss, the pain, the joy, the disappointment, the facing of our own imperfections and inadequacies. We have been broken and bruised by life, and yet here we still are – wise, strong, creative beings with incredible potential for love, generosity, kindness and alignment with our true selves. I have interviewed many menopausal and post-menopausal women in order to understand how creativity moves through us as we grow older. I have discovered that I am far from alone with this smouldering desire to set my heart-felt creative projects alight, and I believe that the life experience and wisdom that older women have to share with the world is invaluable. Most of us make excuses and convince ourselves that our ideas won’t be good enough or be received in the way we want them to be, and yet… the ideas still won’t leave us alone.

Join the Revolution!

There is a revolution happening, re-writing what it means to be an ‘older’ woman – no longer perceived by society as fertile, sexy or exciting even though those energies still live in us. We have so much to offer through our hard-learnt wisdom, intuition, creativity and uncompromising ability to put love out into the world. And the world needs the creative projects that are bubbling inside you, whispering and whispering, calling and calling, to be made manifest. Will you join the revolution with me?

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Saskia’s Creative Journey

As a child growing up in Cornwall, I would draw, sew and experiment with my camera in my spare time. I regularly stayed up until four in the morning finishing creative projects. For my GCSEs, I had a brilliant art teacher, but for A-levels I had a terrible one and so I dropped my art A-level at the end of the first year. At university, after a brief foray into psychology, I dropped out to study fashion instead. I went on to become a fashion designer and LOVED creating beautiful clothes. I worked like a Trojan, setting up my own fashion label, but business didn’t come naturally to me so it was exhausting and often demoralising. I decided to change tack in my early 30s.

At that time, my health wasn’t great so I looked into raw food as a tool to heal my body and mind. I was so blown away by the positive affect of this clean way of eating that I became passionate about spreading the word, and so started my career as a raw food coach, teacher and author. Over 180 blog posts and five recipe books later, my then husband and I decided to take a few years and go travelling in our camper van. We shipped our vintage Mercedes Hymer to Novia Scotia in Canada and proceeded to drive across the width of that vast country, before heading south. We travelled for 21 months, ending up in Panama and the end of our marriage. Despite my marriage ending, it was the most amazing adventure of my life! So far 😉

When I got back to the UK, alone, I was feeling untethered, and also liberated. It seemed like the perfect time to do something new, so I decided to start realising my dream of becoming an artist. I was 42. I attended evening life drawing classes, and was surprised and pleased by how much I liked my work!

In my mid 40s I started doing IVF in a last ditch attempt to have a baby, whilst also embarking on part-time, year-long courses focused on developing my art practice and, most importantly, my confidence as an artist. I went in saying “I’m a wannabe artist” and I came out proudly say “I AM an artist!”. Having someone to champion my creativity and desire to be an artist was so good for my spirit! During this time a few women writers asked me to coach them around projects that they were having trouble completing. It was amazing!! What they got from our coaching was profound, and I realised I had found a new calling – coaching creatives to fulfil their potential, not only within their chosen art, but also as women heading into, and already fully in, the second half of life.

After coming to terms with my childlessness, I am now LOVING life again, living my creative life and coaching my amazingly creative, resilient and inspiring clients.


Am I the Coach for You?

It’s a big deal taking on a coach, especially around creativity where we have so many self-doubts and self-sabotaging perspectives. It’s an investment in yourself that takes real courage, because it’s a place where you will be faced with yourself – your dreams and fears. A good coach is a safe space to help you discover what holds you back and the beautiful, authentic ways you want to manifest your life moving forward. They will be a compassionate and caring mirror so that you can liberate yourself from the ways of thinking that hinder your happiness and sense of inner peace.

My clients are spiritual, loving, generous, deeply creative people. Some have always been creating and are stuck on a particular project, whilst others have been creative in the past or never given their creativity the attention it’s been calling for. The strength of the second half of life lies in how ones deepest longings become increasingly harder to deny, both as a creative and as a women who wants to be whole and at peace within herself. It’s these longings that I coach.

I coach intuitively, supporting you to discover your authentic self-confidence as a unique soul and blossoming artist.

Answering the Call of Your Artist Heart

The Programme

Answering the Call of Your Artist Heart is a 6-month, online one-to-one coaching programme with professional coach, artist and author Saskia Fraser. The programme is tailored to your needs, creative experience and level of ambition, facilitating and inspiring your growth as an individual, artist and creator.

Part 1: Foundations

Getting unblocked – clarity, inspiration, motivation, birthing/re-igniting your project.

  • Banishing the demons, opening up the creative floodgates.
  • A personalised starting ritual to guarantee inspiration and productivity.

Part 2: Growing

Cultivating your creativity – accountability, confidence-building & practical strategy.

  • Discovering your true creative rhythm, so that your practice flows effortlessly.
  • An authentic version of success that makes your heart sing.

Part 3: Evolving

Maintaining momentum and defining your future success strategy. Celebrations!

  • Looking to the future – defining goals and practical strategies for success.
  • Celebrating how far you’ve come, since Answering the Call of Your Artist Heart.

The power of Saskia’s coaching method comes through her deep listening and intuitive insight. Saskia’s coaching is kind, honest and compassionate, connecting you with your natural courage, wisdom and resilience. Coaching sessions are one-to-one with Saskia, online via Zoom or WhatsApp, and are confidential.

Before beginning the programme, you will be asked to complete a client questionnaire. This questionnaire will help you connect with your intentions for the coaching and for Saskia to get to know you a little ahead of your time working together. If you are neurodiverse or need help with any of the typed/written tasks or technology, Saskia will offer you relevant support.

Coaching Session Schedule:

  • Part 1: Foundations – 4 x weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with Saskia, one to one.
  • Part 2: Growing – 8 x bi-weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with Saskia, one to one.
  • Part 3: Evolving – 2 x bi-weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with Saskia, one to one.

When is the next start date for the programme?

How much does it cost, and is there a payment plan?

The full investment in Answering the Call of Your Artist Heart is £1,500. If you would prefer to spread the cost there is also a payment plan – an initial deposit of £500 followed by 5 monthly payments of £250 (total £1,750).

Are there any prerequisites or requirements for joining the coaching program?

How accessible is the coaching program for individuals with different schedules or time zones?

When does the programme start?

How many places are there available on the programme?

Is there a waiting list?

What qualifications or experience do you have as a coach in working with artists?

What specific areas or skills will this coaching program focus on improving for artists?

How do you accommodate different learning styles and preferences among participants?

Can I speak to Saskia before I commit to doing the programme?

If you would like to speak to Saskia and find out if working with her and investing in the programme are right for you, you can book a call by getting in touch with her here

What if I go on holiday during the programme?

When are coaching sessions?

6-months of 1 to 1 coaching with Saskia:

Full Payment:

One payment of £1,500 (save £250)


Payment Plan:

Initial deposit of £500, followed by 4 monthly payments of £250 (total £1,750)

Join the waiting list and Answer the Call of Your Artist Heart!

We respect your email privacy

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Saskia by clicking here