Our Wild, Creative Selves

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Last winter I did this video of myself, dancing in the woods next to our yurt. I was curious to see what it would feel like to reveal myself in this way; to the earth and the camera. This winter I came across the video again and it seemed to have developed a deeper meaning for me. Another year on, into what I am calling my ‘wise years’, I am feeling wilder, braver, more committed to my creativity and to living boldly. (There’s more below the video if you’d like to keep on reading…)

Turbulent Waters

I’ve been watching and listening to my friends as they navigate the waters of menopausal transformation and land safely on the other side. Now that I am crossing those waters myself, I’m slightly in awe of what is happening to me – an almost-inability to think and ‘do’ my way through anything, and instead a submersion into ‘being’, intuition and creativity. I am unable to make myself rush through anything anymore. Instead I sit, steady inside this mid-life coracle, supporting myself with my arms on the rim because I know it won’t all be smooth sailing. I am observing, feeling, flowing my way through life right now, following the resonance in those moments when things feel absolutely right. There are no decisions to be made, only body-felt wisdom to be guided by.

Crossing the Threshold

I have found this transition from a state of ‘doing’ to a state of ‘being’ deeply uncomfortable at times, attempting to rebel against the slowing down and the call to honour myself. And when this happens, within a matter of hours, or maybe a day or two at most, there is nothing to be done but surrender to this new, calmer, wiser pace again.

I have a sense that there are two ways to cross this threshold into elderhood; either we can answer the call to deepen, empower, crown ourselves, or we can resist the pull of change and remain constrained, unfulfilled. We get to choose. We can move quietly or rage through this reclamation of self but, either way, it has to be done if we want to be happy.


By this time in life we have weathered many storms, and most of us have survived. If we’ve been lucky along the way, we have become more resilient, softer, stronger. We have endured and know that we will have to endure again, and we’re okay with that. We are ready to discover what life holds for us beyond the maiden and mother years. We are creating meaning for ourselves. We are dreaming our way into a new way of being. We are ready to be seen beyond our sexualised bodies and useful home-making skills. This doesn’t mean we won’t tend our hearths and celebrate (and come to terms with) our ageing bodies, but it does mean that we give far less of a shit about what others think about us. This is our opportunity to be liberated from societies expectations of us, for us to stand proud and say “This is Me and Now is My Time!”

Be Seen

I’d love to hear your thoughts on creativity and the mid-life transition, whether you’re going through it or are on the other side. Sharing the wisdom and what we’ve learnt helps us all, and other weary and curious travellers on the path. Scroll on down to the comments box and I will see you 🙂


Saskia x

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